Making Disciples.

The Plan: Modes and Spaces

Throughout the ministry of Jesus Christ we see discipleship happening through different modes and in different spaces. Primarily we see it happening through three modes: classroom, apprenticeship and immersion. We see those discipleship modes happening in two different spaces: open gatherings and smaller closed gatherings. 

The Modes of Discipleship



Defining Disciples
Theological learning with one another
Bible Studies, Sermons



Demonstrating Disciples
Doing ministry with one another
Mission Trips, Service Opportunities



Living Disciples
Living life with one another
Potlucks, Fellowships, Social Gatherings

The Spaces of Discipleship



Open Groups
Varying sizes gathered around the work of Christ. These are important gatherings that allow us to build each other up and leverage the gifts, talents and resources of the entire body for the Kingdom. Congregational groups include Sunday morning worship, Bibles Studies, Sunday School and Small Groups. These open groups usually serve as the incubator for cell groups.


Cell Groups:

Closed Groups
Groups of 4-6 people that walk closely with each other throughout each week. These groups are where accountability, challenge and encouragement happen in real ways. They are not permanent, but rather are meant to be multiplying on a yearly basis. Each week members of the group meet up with each other asking: 
1. What is the Lord saying to you about Himself through His Word and your time in prayer?
2. What is He calling you to?
3. How can I pray for you in that calling?