Sanders Mah

Pastoral Care Pastor

I am: a child of God, a son of the Kingdom…this only by His love and grace for me and by the work of Jesus Christ on the Cross; husband to an extraordinary woman, Angela; father to a precious son, Timothy – and all three of us in God’s wonderful family.
Born a small Canadian city boy, to immigrant parents (with 7 kids!), I am a bit of my father’s entrepreneurial attitude and a bit of my mother’s self-sacrificing spirit; yet unfortunately barely any of their mother tongue nor their pioneer courage.  With a Trekkie past and “raised in the ways of the force”, I remain a techie at heart; yet would love to cast story with creativity, imagery, and music.
I enjoy a casual game of street hockey (ice, if I could only skate!), volleyball, badminton, or tennis. I have a shameful craving for reference material, current affairs and world history, and the stories of individual lives. My motto: “Everyone has a story”; I would love to hear yours over a good coffee!
I am overwhelmed by the gracious, merciful (and audible!) call upon my life to serve in Jesus’s Church. I humbly accept, in faith and obedience, that it may bring glory to Christ and that I might be His instrument that leads many into His care, His wholeness, His Kingdom.