As disciples of Jesus Christ we are called to be lifelong learners and worshippers. As we continue to grow in our understanding of God through His Word and Spirit it is helpful to learn from others who have committed their lives to the pursuit of the one true God. As we consult extra-biblical resources we must constantly be testing it for truth against the Scriptures. The resources below are meant to aide you in your studies, but are not meant to be your main diet of learning about God: a spot reserved for the Bible alone. You are also encouraged to never study alone! Invite others into the things that you are learning in order to guard your hearts and mind from false doctrine and conclusions about His nature.

New Morning Mercies devotional

by Paul David Tripp
This is an excellent daily Gospel saturated devotional to remind us every morning of the finished work of our Lord as we look to begin our work each day.

The Bible Project

We believe everyone can and should be reading the Bible. Because the Bible is an ancient and comprehensive text, it is important to understand the overarching narrative,  literature styles and history when reading and meditating upon its truths. The Bible Project is a great resource to help readers understand each of the 66 books and their place in God's redemptive story contained in the Bible.

The Gospel Coalition

A regularly updated blog maintained by current Christian Scholars from across the globe, dealing with the tough questions of current events and theological debates. 


Building Healthy Churches

Short succinct books addressing how the church keeps the Gospel central in all that it does for the glory of God.

You can also find and borrow several of the Building Healthy Churches titles on our Next Steps table in the Fireside Room.