A Piece of Christmas

It's been a long year.

Are you getting tired of juggling all those pieces in your head, your heart, and your to-do list? Are you longing for a piece of Christmas?

You know in your heart that a real piece of Christmas is having a peace of Christmas -- to be found like a child in a place of wonder, hope, and serenity.

You know also that a beautiful piece of Christmas is giving a peace of Christmas -- to pause from chasing for ourselves to making the world a better place for someone else.

On Saturday, December 1, 7:30pm, we want you to have a peace of Christmas through the timeless and hope-filled story of Christmas, and through our guests, Spirit Alive Chorale under the masterful direction of Tony Araujo. www.facebook.com/SpiritAliveChorale/

You will also have an opportunity to give a peace of Christmas through our fundraising support of International Justice Mission (IJM Canada) in their endeavour to "end slavery in our lifetime".

The tickets to this event are FREE. (***FREE tickets at Eventbrite.ca > search Immanuel, or at IBC’s facebook page: www.facebook.com/immanuelbcvancouver/). Invite your family and friends so that the true pieces of Christmas fall into place for you and yours, at this very special time of the year!