Mission, Strategy and Vision 2017-06-21T21:20:29+00:00

IBC’s Mission (what), Strategy (how) and Vision (why).

Our mission, strategy and vision are born out of what our Lord called His church to in the Gospel and the book of Acts. We acknowledge that it is He who initiates and sustains any human endeavour, and so we aim to maintain a constant posture of dependence for the work that He has called and empowers us to.

So we say our Mission is to
Receive and Reflect: To Know Christ and to Point the Nations to Him.
through (strategy)
Gospel Centered Worship, Community and Multiplication
so that (Vision)
For His Glory and Through His Power, IBC would be a place of Spiritual Transformation for the Gospel Saturation of our Neighbourhoods.

You can listen to this mission, strategy and vision further explained by listening to the message below.