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What We Value

Every one of us has things that really matter in our lives. These things impact what we do and how we do them. These are the things that really matter to Immanuel:

  • Authority. None of us lives in a vacuum. We all have someone or something that is in authority over us. Though we are determined to honour all who serve in authority over us, at Immanuel we believe the ultimate authority in our lives is the Word of God as interpreted through the life of Jesus Christ.
  • Personal & Community Transformation. If Jesus and our trust in Him is real, that ought to change us and the people who live around us. Because He has made a difference in us, we want to make a difference in our world.
  • Intentional Living. We believe we exist for only one purpose: To know God and to point all nations to the grace and peace that can only be found in Him.
  • Mentoring. True discipleship involves being, knowing and doing that which is true and right and worthy of imitation.
  • Collaboration. This world is too big for a divided church. We will collaborate with all those who seek God’s glory.
  • Stewardship. If God is real, He desires more than our leftovers. He deserves of our time, talents, gifts, and resources.
  • Service. We totally get why everyone is obsessing over leadership. We have just decided that we would rather imitate the one who said, “But the Son of man came to serve, not to be served.”
  • Spiritual humility. Because Christ is our standard and the Cross our compass, we are more disturbed by our own sin than by the sins of our neighbour.